How to Get Started with Chart Markets App

How to Get Started with Chart Markets App :- TradingView has become one of the most popular market analysis platforms used by active traders and investors around the world. With advanced charting capabilities, a social community, and support for a wide range of global markets, it’s easy to see why so many turn to TradingView to analyze financial data and execute trades.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the key features that make TradingView stand out as well as tips for new users to get the most out of the platform.

Key Features of TradingView

TradingView has many strengths that explain its surge in popularity in recent years. Here are some of the core features that users value in TradingView:

Advanced Charting Capabilities

Without a doubt, the charting functionality in TradingView is among the best available today. Traders can choose from an extensive range of technical indicators and drawing tools to analyze price trends across any market.

Customizable chart layouts allow limitless combinations of indicators, overlays, and color schemes to best suit each trader’s unique style and preferences.

Social Community

The social aspects set TradingView apart from other charting platforms. Users can connect with traders worldwide, share chart ideas, provide market commentary, and build an audience.

Joining groups related to specific assets or strategies allows traders to exchange insights with like-minded individuals. Following respected top authors delivers actionable analysis of major markets right into your feeds.

Wide Range of Markets

Whether your focus is stocks, futures, forex, or cryptocurrencies, TradingView has you covered. Users can pull up price charts for thousands of financial instruments across global markets.

Real-time data feeds ensure traders are viewing up-to-the-second market action critical for analysis and decision-making during active trading sessions.


TradingView grants users the flexibility to build a platform suited to their personal preferences. You can customize the layout with specific charts, news feeds, watchlists, alerts, a trade journal, and other tools to create an efficient workflow.

Both light and dark themes allow you to reduce eye strain by syncing TradingView to day or night viewing. You can also choose between mobile, web browser, or desktop platforms.

Using TradingView for Analysis

With its robust charting tools and breadth of available data, TradingView becomes an indispensable resource for market analysis for many active traders. Here are some of the ways traders utilize TradingView to support trading decisions:

Technical Analysis Tools

Traders apply the full suite of TradingView’s technical analysis tools to identify emerging chart patterns, trends, support/resistance levels, and trading signals guiding their market decisions.

Advanced indicators like Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI, and customized moving averages can be layered to uncover hidden insights. Chart pattern recognition allows traders to easily identify FLAGS, double tops, ascending triangles, and much more.

Fundamental Data

The economy moves markets, so gaining an edge requires knowing more than just the price chart. TradingView allows importing earnings dates, dividend data, financial ratios, and other fundamentals overlayed directly onto charts.

This method enhances technical signals by confirming whether the company or asset fundamentals also support a buy or sell decision based purely on share price movements.

Backtesting Capabilities

Savvy traders know strategies behaving well today may fail tomorrow. TradingView enables backtesting to validate whether historically a trading plan would have been profitable before risking real capital.

By using historical price data, traders can experiment with indicators, signals, risk management to estimate performance across decades of previous market environments – giving confidence to trade plans before implementation.

TradingView Mobile and Desktop Apps

TradingView offers mobile apps for iOS and Android plus a downloadable desktop application. The apps provide convenience for traders wanting seamless access across devices.

Convenience of Access

Pull up TradingView on your smartphone to check in on markets quickly during gaps in your day. Scan watchlists and set alerts for price movements of interest so you never miss an opportunity.

The desktop platform allows more flexibility for advanced charting only available on larger screens. Traders also typically implement trades only from secure home computers as well.

Alerts and Notifications

Custom price, indicator, news triggers across any device keep traders informed of markets without being chained to screens. Never miss a critical technical breakout or piece of high impact news with TradingView’s alerts.

Audio notifications can provide instant feedback during volatile markets as prices hit key technical levels identified in your analysis.

Seamless Experience

TradingView has done an excellent job syncing preferences, indicators, layouts, and watchlists across mobile and desktop apps. This ensures no disruption to workflows when switching from on-the-go access to at-home setups.

The platform remains familiar regardless of location, retaining trader efficiency which instills confidence when making decisions in rapidly moving markets.

Tips for New Users of TradingView

For new traders just getting started, here are some tips to quickly ramp up on TradingView:

Choosing Optimal Chart Settings

Learn to fine tune chart parameters early. TradingView defaults often won’t cut it for active trading. Adjust timeframe, candle size, indicators, and scale settings to best match your strategy time horizons and risk management approach.

Utilizing Multiple Timeframes

Relying purely on short-term charts fails to capture larger trend context. Add weekly or monthly charts to identify key higher timeframe support and resistance levels missed on lower interval setups.

Joining Groups and Following Top Traders

Accelerate your learning by surrounding yourself with skilled practitioners. Follow recognized authors and join groups focused on your preferred assets or strategies to soak up insights from 7-figure traders. Allow wisdom from experts to guide your hand in markets.


TradingView delivers an exceptional market analysis and trading platform with advanced functionality rivaling professional setups costing thousands per month. Technical analysis, backtesting, fundamental data, trading community – TradingView checks all the boxes for active retail traders looking to upskill and take control of their financial future.

The access across devices makes TradingView the premier choice for traders demanding convenience without sacrificing tools or quality. Best of all, basic access is 100% free with premium upgrades available.

If you aren’t already leveraging TradingView to analyze financial markets then now is the time to start! It’s sure to become a trading companion delivering value for years to come.


What is the maximum number of indicators I can add to a single chart on TradingView?

  • TradingView supports adding up to 20 indicators to a single chart window ensuring more than enough technical firepower for even the most advanced analysis requirements.

Can I execute trades directly within the TradingView platform?

  • At time of writing, TradingView only supports order execution via integration with supported brokerages. Check the TradingView website for the latest brokerages available for direct order routing.

Is there a TradingView mobile app with full functionality of the desktop platform?

  • The TradingView mobile iOS and Android apps provide nearly all features available in the desktop application aside from a handful of the most advanced technical analysis studies requiring more screen real estate to properly configure and view.

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