How To Upstox Refer And Earn

Discover the Upstox referral program: earn unlimited cash credits when your friends & family sign up and trade. Learn referral strategies and how the bonuses work.

Referral programs allow existing customers to refer new customers in exchange for rewards. This provides incentives for sharing about a business while helping companies acquire new customers. Upstox offers an attractive referral program that lets you earn bonus cash rewards when you get friends, family, or colleagues to sign up.

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Why Refer Others to Upstox?

Upstox is a leading low-cost stock brokerage platform in India. Here are some key reasons to refer the app to others:

Upstox Offers Low Brokerage and Charges

Upstox charges highly competitive rates for trading stocks, options, commodities, currencies, and more. Rates start at just Rs. 20 per executed order.

Easy To Use Platform and Mobile Apps

The Upstox platforms and mobile apps make it simple for anyone to understand trading and investing. This helps new users ease into the experience.

Robust Research and Analysis Tools

Upstox provides insightful market analysis, financial reports, customizable dashboards, and more. These tools help investors make informed decisions.

Upstox Account Opening documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Pan Card
  • Canceled Cheque
  • New Bank Statement with IFSC/MICR code mentioned on it.

How the Upstox Referral Program Works

Referring Upstox is straightforward and rewarding. Follow these key steps:

Share Your Referral Link

Your unique referral link can be shared via text, email, social media, and other channels. When new users click this link and sign up, you get credit for referring them.

New Users Get Account Opening Bonuses

In addition to low fees, new Upstox users can earn bonuses for opening an account via a referral link. This incentive helps convert referrals into customers.

Earn Cash Credits as Your Referrals Trade

You will earn cash credits every time one of your referred users executes a billable order on the Upstox platform. Credits get deposited directly into your account.

Ways to Earn the Most Through Referrals

Boost your referral income potential with these tips:

Refer Active Traders

Obviously, the more trades your referrals make, the more credits you earn. So focus first on sharing your link with savvy investors who trade regularly.

Leverage Social Media

Promote your referral link on platforms like Twitter, Facebook groups, Instagram, etc. The broader your reach, the more referrals you can generate.

Create Video Testimonials

Short videos where you share your experience with Upstox helps convince others to sign up. Testimonials add credibility.

Offer Incentives

Consider providing small incentives for people who use your link, like gift cards or cash bonuses. This extra motivation gets more people to click.

Maximizing Referral Income Long-Term

Sustained effort over time drives recurring referral payments:

Stay Visible on Social Media

Continue actively posting and engaging with your link on social platforms. Participate in relevant groups and discussions.

Send Periodic Reminders

Follow up with past referrals via email or messages with reminders to keep using Upstox for trading and investing needs.

Provide Ongoing Support

Personally assist referrals with any questions about the platform or trading. Good support encourages more engagement.

Track Performance

Pay attention to trends over time among your referred users. Identify and focus energy on those who drive the most income.

Getting Started Referring Upstox

Ready to boost earnings through the Upstox referral program? Here are the next steps:

Sign Up for an Upstox Account

If you don’t already have an Upstox account, complete the quick and easy sign-up process first. Make sure to use a referral link from an existing user to qualify for a new account bonus.

Find Your Referral Link

After signing up, you can easily locate your unique referral link within your Upstox dashboard profile. This link will credit you for anyone that registers via it.

Start Sharing Your Link

Once you have your link, get started sharing it actively on social media platforms, messaging apps, forums related to investing and trading, and other channels.

Engage with New Referrals

As new users sign up through your link, reach out and help them get started. Provide tips and guidance to encourage more trades which equals more credits.

Track and Grow Earnings

Pay attention to referral traffic and trade activity levels. Find ways to expand reach and increase engagement with regular promotional efforts.

Upstox Custmore Care Number

Upstox Customer Care Number

Upstox provides dedicated customer support through various channels to help resolve any questions or issues users may have. Here are the options to get in touch with a customer care representative:

Call the toll-free helpline

Call 1800-270-0750 to speak to a customer care agent. This helpline number works from 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM on all days of the week. Wait times may vary depending on call volumes.

When calling, have your account details and issue summary ready to help the agent assist you faster. You may also need to verify identity by sharing credentials.

Live chat support

To live chat with customer care:

  1. Log in to your Upstox account
  2. Go to the Profile menu
  3. Select Customer Support
  4. Choose Start Chat

Chat support is available 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM on weekdays. Wait times can vary.

Email your queries

For non-urgent queries, email to from your registered email address. Include your account details.

Responses are typically sent back over email within 24 hours. Use this channel for general questions.

Social media support

You can also tweet queries to @upstoxsupport or post questions on Upstox’s Facebook support page. Public responses may be limited for privacy.

So in summary, call 1800-270-0750 for urgent assistance from a live agent, start a chat session from your account portal, or email non-urgent queries.

Upstox Refer And Earn Linking

Upstox Google Play Store
Home PageClick Here


In summary, the Upstox referral program offers an easy, recurring earnings stream for existing customers. By referring more active investors and traders, you can steadily build up cash credits over time that get deposited directly into your Upstox account. Ramp up promotion through social channels, incentives, and support for referrals to maximize income.


What are the bonuses for new Upstox users referred through links?

New Upstox users that sign up via referral links earn bonuses that may include account opening credits, free equity trades, discounts on brokerage, and more. Offers can vary over time.

How much can I earn from the referral program overall?

Your potential total earnings have no limits or caps. You earn cash credits based on trading activity from each referral. With consistent promotion effort, these credits from an expanding user base will add up steadily.

When do my referral cash credits get deposited?

Accrued cash credits from referred users’ trades get deposited directly into your linked Upstox account on a monthly basis, on the first Monday after month-end closing.

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