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Attpoll – Paid Surveys App India :- Taking online surveys in exchange for money has become quite popular in India over the past few years. With the proliferation of survey platforms, more and more people are signing up to share their opinions and make some extra money. One such survey app that has been gaining attention lately is Attpoll.

Attpoll is a legit survey app that pays Indian residents for taking surveys and completing other microtasks. It offers rewards in the form of direct cash payments as well as gift cards and vouchers. Read on to learn all about how Attpoll works and how you can maximize your earnings with this app.

What is Attpoll?

Attpoll is an Android and iOS survey app launched in 2016 that pays users to complete surveys, polls, and other microtasks. It is owned by Attentive Media, a market research company that conducts surveys for businesses to gather consumer insights.

The app administers surveys on behalf of various brands and market research firms. When you complete a survey, the sponsoring company compensates Attpoll, and a portion of this is passed on to users in the form of rewards.

Attpoll has a large user base of over 5 million people in India and payments are assured as long as users meet the requirements honestly. The app’s tagline “Surveys that pay” indicates that the main incentive for users is to earn money for sharing their opinion.

How Attpoll Works

The basic process of using Attpoll and earning rewards is simple:

  1. Register: Download the app and create an account by providing some basic personal details.
  2. Take surveys: Browse available surveys and complete them carefully and honestly.
  3. Earn rewards: Get credited with points for each survey completed based on time taken, quality, etc.
  4. Redeem rewards: Accumulate points and redeem them for cash and gift cards when thresholds are met.

Users have to meet certain eligibility criteria like age, location, demographics, etc. to qualify for certain surveys. The app provides profile-based tailored surveys to maximize relevance and engagement.

The rewarded points can be redeemed for PayTM cash, Amazon gift cards, Flipkart vouchers, makeup & beauty vouchers, or transferred to a bank account. The rewards structure and redemption thresholds are clearly outlined in the app.

Registration Process

Getting started on Attpoll is quick and easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the Attpoll app from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).
  2. Open the app and tap on “Register”. Provide your mobile number or email and set a password.
  3. Enter some basic personal details like name, age, location, education, employment, gender, etc.
  4. Complete profile by providing information on shopping habits, interests, household details, etc.
  5. Verify your mobile number via OTP.

Once your profile is activated, you can start taking surveys tailored to your background and demographics. Complete your profile fully for more opportunities. The registration process takes less than 10 minutes.

Taking Surveys on Attpoll

Once registered, users can start taking surveys and earning rewards. Here are some tips for successfully completing surveys:

  • Check the available surveys on the “Surveys” tab and apply filters to find surveys you qualify for.
  • Read the description carefully before starting to determine estimated duration, reward amount, caps, etc.
  • Answer all questions honestly, carefully, and consistently to qualify for rewards.
  • Don’t speed through surveys and provide thoughtful comments where needed.
  • Most surveys take 10-25 minutes though some can be shorter or longer.
  • If you get disqualified mid-way, you don’t earn rewards for partial completion.
  • Follow survey quotas and daily caps mentioned to maximize earnings.
  • Pay close attention to any screening or demographic questions.
  • Avoid taking similar surveys repeatedly as your responses are tracked.

Completing surveys with care and honesty is key to earning rewards consistently. Following instructions and caps is also important.

Attpoll Survey Topics

Attpoll provides a diverse range of survey topics from various sponsors covering:

  • Products & Services: Surveys about experiences with consumer products, services, and brands across industries like FMCG, retail, banking, telecom, etc.
  • Advertising & Content: Feedback on ad campaigns, TV commercials, social media content, and other promotional material.
  • Market Research: Surveys aimed at researching markets, gauging demand, product viability testing, positioning, etc.
  • Academic Research: Academic institutions conduct surveys on Attpoll for research studies and projects.
  • Consumer Insights: Understand consumer preferences, habits, choices, and opinions on wide-ranging topics.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Surveys to measure employee engagement, satisfaction, work culture, etc.
  • Concept Testing: Testing new product, service, or app concepts among target consumer groups.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Feedback surveys on customer service, purchase experience, etc. for brands.

The diverse mix of survey topics keeps the experience interesting for users so they stay engaged. The surveys are tailored based on user demographics and profile.

Attpoll Rewards

Attpoll offers rewards in the form of redeemable points called “Coins”. The conversion is simple:

  • 1 Coin = 1 Rupee

The key reward structures are:

  • Per Survey: Each survey has a set reward amount (generally 10-100 Coins) mentioned upfront based on expected time, complexity, target group, etc.
  • Bonus: Additional bonus Coins are awarded occasionally for special surveys, referrals, timely completion, quality feedback, etc.
  • Contests: Sweepstake contests are run with large Coin prizes for active users.
  • Sign-up Bonus: New users get a sign-up bonus (around 100 Coins) on completing their first survey within 24 hours.

As you complete more surveys, your reward amounts may be increased based on performance. The pre-mentioned guaranteed survey rewards provide transparency.

Payment Methods

Users can redeem accumulated Coins for various rewards once certain thresholds are reached:

  • PayTM Cash: Transfer Coins into PayTM wallet as cash once you reach 300 Coins.
  • Amazon Gift Cards: Redeem Coins for Amazon gift cards starting 880 Coins.
  • Flipkart Gift Cards: Get Flipkart gift vouchers for Coins starting 990 Coins.
  • Beauty & Makeup: Get vouchers for beauty brands like MyGlamm, Nykaa, etc. (990 Coins onwards).
  • Bank Transfer: Get Coins transferred to your bank account once you hit 1320 Coins via NEFT.

So users have a choice of payment methods – mobile wallet, gift cards, beauty vouchers, or bank transfer. The rewards are lucrative and convenient to redeem.

Is Attpoll Legit?

Yes, Attpoll is 100% legit and pays rewards as advertised. Here are some key points:

  • Attpoll is owned by Attentive Media, an established market research company operating since 2016.
  • They have over 5 million registered users and growing.
  • The app has an average 4+ rating on Play Store after 300,000+ user reviews.
  • Rewards are credited instantly and seamlessly into accounts once redeemed.
  • Many users have vouched for timely, consistent payments from Attpoll.
  • Leading brands rely on Attpoll for consumer insights suggesting legitimacy.
  • Attpoll has clear communication, terms, and policies regarding payments.

As long as users provide honest, thoughtful responses following guidelines, Attpoll delivers on the promised rewards reliably.

Attpoll App

The Attpoll app provides a smooth, user-friendly interface making taking surveys and redeeming rewards easy. Some key features:

  • Registration: Quick sign-up with mobile and profile completion for tailored surveys.
  • Dashboard: All key info and updates available on a clean dashboard.
  • Survey Types: Take polls, surveys, discussions, play games, test apps, and more.
  • Filters: Easily find surveys you qualify for based on duration, reward, category, etc.
  • Survey Details: Clear overview of topic, expected time, caps, reward, etc. for each survey.
  • Progress: Track coins earned, redemption status, level, rank, etc. through the app.
  • Rewards: Stock of gift cards, wallets, and vouchers visible. Smooth redemption.
  • Notifications: Get notified about new surveys, rewards, bonuses, etc. for quick response.
  • Referrals: Share unique code to invite friends and earn bonus coins.

The Attpoll app provides a streamlined, organized platform for taking surveys for money on-the-go.

Pros of Using Attpoll

Here are the main advantages of using Attpoll:

  • Pays guaranteed rewards in cash, gift cards, and vouchers.
  • Provides high transparency on reward amounts.
  • Quick reward redemption into PayTM, bank, etc.
  • Features a convenient mobile app available for Android & iOS.
  • Has a simple registration process.
  • Offers survey variety across interests, categories.
  • Gives survey alerts and reminders for quick response.
  • Conducts interesting surveys for leading brands.
  • Has additional earning opportunities via referrals, contests, bonuses.
  • Rewards increase as you complete more surveys.

The combination of assured payments, engaging survey content, convenient access, and lucrative rewards makes Attpoll a worthwile option for earning from surveys.

Cons of Using Attpoll

There are a few drawbacks to consider about Attpoll as well:

  • Monotonous surveys can get repetitive over time.
  • Disqualifications after investing time can be frustrating.
  • Limits on number of surveys per day and duration caps per survey.
  • Slow reward accumulation compared to other websites.
  • Lack of PayPal redemption – limited to Indian payment methods only.
  • Need to maintain activity to stay enrolled in higher reward surveys.
  • Delays in crediting rewards occasionally.
  • Lower long-term earning potential compared to some international survey panels.

While Attpoll offers a legit way to earn modest amounts in your free time, don’t expect it to deliver huge passive income. Be prepared for some repetitive content and delayed credits.

Tips for Making Money with Attpoll

Follow these tips to maximize your rewards on Attpoll:

  • Complete profile fully – more survey opportunities.
  • Answer surveys patiently and honestly.
  • Qualify for higher rewards by maintaining activity.
  • Check for new surveys and contests frequently.
  • Aim for daily caps on surveys to earn bonus coins.
  • Hit redeem thresholds ASAP instead of stockpiling coins.
  • Install the app for convenience and quicker response time.
  • Use filters strategically to find high-paying surveys.
  • Provide detailed written feedback to boost rewards.
  • Refer friends to earn extra sign-up bonus coins.

With some smart strategies, it is possible to earn a decent secondary income with Attpoll surveys. But keep expectations realistic in terms of long-term earnings potential.


Attpoll offers a free, convenient way for Indian users to earn money by sharing their opinions and feedback through quick online surveys. It provides guaranteed rewards and several redemption options once thresholds are met.

While earnings may be modest, Attpoll is worth exploring to offset some everyday expenses. Follow the best practices outlined to maximize your rewards. Attpoll is best used as a side income source, not a full-time opportunity.

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With over 5 million users leveraging the app to get paid for surveys, Attpoll proves to be a legit, rewarding platform for those who participate seriously and consistently. Sign up now to turn your free time and opinions into cash rewards.

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Q1: Is there a minimum age requirement to use Attpoll?

A1: Yes, you must be at least 18 years old to register on Attpoll and take paid surveys. Participants must provide accurate personal information including age during registration.

Q2: Can I take surveys on Attpoll anonymously?

A2: No, you have to provide accurate personal information during registration which is used to provide tailored survey opportunities to panelists. All your survey responses are confidential but not anonymous.

Q3: How long does it take to receive my rewards after I redeem Coins on Attpoll?

A3: Rewards are credited instantly into your payment method as soon as you hit the redemption threshold and request a payout. This includes PayTM, gift cards, and beauty vouchers. Bank transfers via NEFT can take 2-3 business days to reflect.

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