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InCash is a new money making app launched in India that allows users to earn money in various ways. The app provides multiple options to earn money while learning, playing, shopping and more. InCash aims to create financial inclusion by enabling people to earn supplemental income.

How Does InCash App Work

The InCash app works by rewarding users for completing various tasks within the app. Here are some of the key ways to earn money on InCash:

Complete Surveys

Users can take surveys tailored to their profile and get paid for giving their opinion. Surveys can be on various topics like shopping, travel, entertainment etc. Typically each survey pays from Rs 10 to Rs 100.

Play Games

The app features fun games that users can play in their free time. Each game rewards users with cash which gets credited to their InCash account. The more you play, the more you earn.

Watch Videos

Users can watch entertaining videos, advertisements and movie trailers to earn money. Each video view provides a small cash reward.

Refer Friends

Referring friends to join InCash also earns you bonus cash. When your friends join using your referral code and complete tasks, you get a percentage of their earnings.

Shop Online

The app features an inbuilt shopping portal. When users shop on the portal, a certain percentage of the shopping amount gets credited back as cashback.

How To Withdraw Money From InCash

Users can easily withdraw their earned money from InCash app to their bank account. Here is the process to withdraw money:

Link Bank Account

First you need to link your bank account with the InCash app. This can be done by entering your account details within the app.

Set Withdrawal Limit

There is a daily withdrawal limit of Rs 200 on the app. Users can withdraw amounts above this to their bank accounts.

Request Withdrawal

When you have earned sufficient money, you can request a withdrawal from the app. Enter the withdrawal amount and submit your request.

Amount Gets Credited

The requested amount will get credited to your bank account within 1-3 working days. A processing fee may be applicable on withdrawals.

Track Transaction Status

You can track the status of your withdrawal transaction within the app. The status will show as pending, completed or failed.

Benefits of Using InCash App

Here are some of the major benefits of using InCash to earn money:

  • Easy to Use: The app provides an intuitive interface to earn money through games, surveys, videos etc. Simple registration using mobile number.
  • Small Tasks: Users can earn by completing small manageable micro-tasks. This makes it convenient to use in free time.
  • Instant Rewards: The money earned on InCash gets instantly credited and can be withdrawn quickly. There is no minimum balance requirement.
  • Secure Platform: The app follows secure protocols to safeguard user data and money. Users have full control over their earnings in the app wallet.
  • Referral Program: Users can grow their earnings by inviting friends and earning referral bonuses in the process.

How Much Can You Earn on InCash?

InCash app offers a variety of micro earning opportunities. Earnings will depend on the time spent on the app and consistency of use. Here is the estimated income potential:

  • Completing 10 minute survey – Rs 20 to Rs 50
  • Playing a 5 minute game – Rs 10 to Rs 15
  • Watching a 30 second video – Re 1 to Rs 3
  • Referring a friend – Rs 25 bonus
  • Shopping for Rs 1000 – Rs 50 to Rs 150 cashback

By spending 30-60 minutes daily on the app, users can potentially earn Rs 500 to Rs 1500 per month. Power users can earn even more based on usage.


Is InCash App Legit and Safe?

Yes, InCash app is 100% legitimate and safe to use. Here are some key facts that highlight its legitimacy:

  • Developed by AD Worldwide Media, a reputed tech company based in Mumbai.
  • Available on Google Play Store after vetting by app review guidelines.
  • Secure encryption protocols followed to protect user data.
  • Instant withdrawals directly to bank account possible.
  • Already has over 10 lakh downloads with 4+ star rating on Play Store.
  • Partners with well known brands and survey platforms to provide earning opportunities.

So InCash comes from a reliable company, follows security best practices and has a large existing user base. You can use it worry-free to earn money.

How to Download and Signup on InCash

Downloading and signing up on InCash app requires just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Download App

Go to Google Play Store on your Android phone. Search for “InCash Earn Money” app. Download the app from the developer “AD Worldwide Media”.

Step 2: Signup Process

Open the InCash app. You will be asked to enter your mobile number for registration. An OTP will be sent. Enter the OTP to complete signup.

Step 3: Create Profile

Create your profile by adding details like name, city, interests etc. This helps personalize the app experience for you.

Step 4: Link Bank Account

To withdraw earnings, link your bank account with the app. You can skip this initially and link account later.

Step 5: Start Earning!

Once your profile is set, you can start earning money by playing games, watching videos, doing surveys and referring friends.

The sign up process is very quick and you can start earning money on InCash within minutes.

InCash App – Conclusion

InCash provides an exciting new opportunity for Indian users to earn money from their spare time. With its minimalistic app design and range of micro earning tasks, it makes earning easy.

It offers a far more rewarding experience than just aimless social media browsing. By spending just 30-60 minutes daily on InCash, users can realistically make Rs 500 to Rs 1500 per month.

The app offers instant withdrawals and provides plenty of earning opportunities like games, surveys, shopping cashbacks etc. It is 100% secure and comes from a reputed tech company.

Overall, InCash is a rewarding app that makes earning money fun, easy and accessible. It provides a great way for students, homemakers and others to utilize their free time and make money from their smartphones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does InCash work without internet?

No, InCash requires an active internet connection to work. All activities like games, videos, shopping etc are online.

How much memory does InCash App take?

InCash app takes up around 50MB space on Android devices. It is optimized to work fast even on low RAM devices.

Is there any registration fee or charge to use InCash?

InCash app is completely free to download and register. There are no hidden charges or fees involved.

How long does it take to receive money withdrawn from InCash?

Withdrawn amounts get credited to your linked bank account within 1-3 working days. There may be a small processing fee deducted.

What is the maximum referral bonus I can get on InCash?

There is no max limit to referral earnings. You can earn Rs 25 bonus for every friend who joins using your code and completes one task.

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