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Redeeme : In today’s world, who doesn’t love earning a little extra cash and rewards? With the Redeeme app, you can do just that by taking advantage of cash back offers and reward programs from a variety of retailers, brands, and services. Keep reading to learn all about how Redeeme works and how you can maximize the cash and rewards you earn!

Overview of Redeeme

Redeeme is a free mobile app that allows you to connect credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty/rewards accounts from a variety of services in one place. By linking your payment methods and accounts to the Redeeme platform, you can take advantage of cash back, points, miles, and other reward offers.

The app consolidates all your rewards accounts into a single dashboard, allowing you to easily track your earnings. You can also search for additional cash back and rewards offers from hundreds of participating retailers and brands to further maximize your potential savings.

How Redeeme Works

The Redeeme app uses bank-level security measures to safely and securely connect to your accounts. All you need to do is link the accounts you use for spending and earning rewards.

Once your accounts are connected, you can start taking advantage of cash back and rewards offers through Redeeme. The platform provides bonuses and incentives for shopping with certain brands or meeting spending thresholds.

When you make qualifying purchases with your connected accounts, whether in-store or online, you’ll automatically earn the cash back or rewards associated with the offer. Redeeme tracks your progress toward bonuses across all your spending.

The cash back and rewards you earn are credited to your Redeeme account. You can then redeem your earnings for gift cards, travel miles, merchandise, discounts, sweepstakes entries, donations to charity, and more.

Earning Rewards with Redeeme

Let’s explore the main ways you can earn cash back and rewards with the Redeeme app: connecting accounts, earning cash back, and redeeming points.

Connecting Accounts

The first step to maximize earnings with Redeeme is linking as many relevant accounts as you can. At a minimum, you’ll want to connect your credit and debit cards from major issuers like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

You can also link loyalty and rewards accounts from retailers, gas stations, restaurants, and other services you use regularly. This allows you to take advantage of bonuses and accelerated point-earning offers from those programs through Redeeme.

The more accounts you have connected in the app, the more cash back and rewards offers will be available to you for the places you already shop and dine.

Earning Cash Back

One of the easiest ways to earn with Redeeme is through cash back offers on your everyday spending. When you connect your credit and debit cards, you’ll have access to instant cash back at hundreds of major retailers and brands.

You can browse cash back offers in the Redeeme app and opt-in to activate them. Then the next time you make a qualifying purchase with a connected payment method, you’ll automatically get cash back deposited into your Redeeme account.

There are both one-time and ongoing cash back offers. With one-time offers, you get the stated cash back amount on your next purchase from that retailer. For ongoing offers, you continue earning the stated cash back percentage each time you shop with that retailer.

Redeeme also provides targeted bonuses and accelerated cash back rewards when you reach certain spending milestones across all your connected accounts.

Redeeming Points for Rewards

As you earn cash back in your Redeeme account, you also accumulate points that can be redeemed for rewards. Most cash back earnings are converted to Redeeme points at a rate of 100 points per $1 earned.

For example, if you earn $50 in cash back offers, you’ll get 5,000 Redeeme reward points added to your balance. You need a minimum of 500 points to start redeeming, but the more points you have, the more reward options open up.

Popular redemption options include gift cards for retailers like Amazon and Target, airline miles with Delta or United, donations to charities, entries into sweepstakes, magazine subscriptions, and more.

The best value is often redeeming points for gift cards and transferring them to airline mile programs. Make sure to browse the rewards marketplace frequently, as new redemption offers are added all the time.

Maximizing Rewards

Let’s explore some smart tips for earning and redeeming rewards with Redeeme to get the most value possible:

Tips for Earning More

  • Link as many credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty accounts as you can – this makes more cash back and bonus offers available.
  • Prioritize Redeeme offers when deciding where to shop or dine out.
  • Opt-in to email and push notifications to be alerted to new bonus opportunities.
  • Take advantage of seasonal promotions for big retailers around the holidays and back-to-school.
  • Refer friends to sign up using your custom referral link to earn bonus points.
  • Remember to activate new offers – don’t leave potential earnings on the table.

Strategies for Redeeming Rewards

  • Hold out for gift card redemption offers with bonus point multipliers (e.g. get 20% more value).
  • Maximize value by transferring points to frequent flyer programs instead of redeeming for airfare directly.
  • Don’t let points expire! You can redeem for sweepstakes entries or donations if needed.
  • Pool points with friends/family for bigger redemptions like vacations or large gift cards.
  • Create price drop alerts – hold off on redeeming if you think point value for a reward will increase.
  • Take advantage of flash sales offering discounted point prices on popular rewards.

Pros and Cons of Redeeme

Redeeme makes it easy to maximize rewards, but is it right for you? Here are some key pros and cons:

Advantages of Using Redeeme

  • Consolidates your rewards accounts into one easy dashboard.
  • Provides access to hundreds of cash back and bonus point offers.
  • App is free to use and easy to set up.
  • Rewards have flexible redemption options.
  • Can link to most major credit cards and loyalty programs.
  • Does not share or sell your personal data.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

  • Cannot link American Express Membership Rewards or Chase Ultimate Rewards accounts.
  • Offers may encourage overspending on wants rather than needs.
  • Points expiration after 12 months of earning activity.
  • No bank account bonuses like some competing platforms.
  • Advanced users may prefer more customizable tools.
  • Customer service response times can be slow.


Final Thoughts on Redeeme

At the end of the day, Redeeme provides an easy way to consolidate your rewards accounts and maximize your earnings from credit card and loyalty programs. If you frequently shop at major retailers or dine at popular restaurants, it’s worth linking your accounts to Redeeme to access the cash back and bonus rewards available.

Just be sure to only opt into offers for places you would normally spend money anyway to avoid overspending. And take advantage of tips to maximize your earnings and redemptions.

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With a little time and effort, the cash back, points, and rewards you earn can add up to some nice freebies, gift cards, travel miles, and more! Redeeme simplifies the process so you can get rewarded for everyday spending you’re already doing.


Is there a fee to use Redeeme?

No, Redeeme is totally free to use! There are no fees to link accounts, earn rewards, or redeem points.

What types of accounts can I link to Redeeme?

You can connect credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty/rewards accounts from hundreds of popular brands. This includes major credit card issuers and retailers with loyalty programs.

How long does it take to earn and redeem rewards?

Most cash back earnings are instantly credited to your Redeeme account. Points are typically available to redeem within 3 business days. Gift cards and other rewards are delivered instantly or within 1-2 weeks.

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